"Journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step."

    On the roof of research centre of SZABIST there stands "SZABIST-made Wind Turbine" that shows the beginning of long Journey to Indigenize Renewable Energy Technologies in Pakistan.

    Dr. Imran Amin and his team has shown the proof of concept that with right research environment, encouragement and support, dedication, commitment and spirit of creativity higher educational institutions can contribute to the solutions of complex problems faced by society.

    Certainly this is the first step and from here the next step is to build wind turbines of higher capacities.

    Dr. Imran's team has built it with 100% local components and its specialty is that its blades are made by "fiberglass" using  Resin Infusion technique.

    These wind turbines made by SZABIST will be used to provide electricity to a village at Gharo to extend the benefits of research to common people and bring about changes in their life.